Artist feature: Ron Briskin

Artist feature: Ron Briskin

Ron Briskin is a young singer, songwriter and guitar player, who writes about many things commonly heard before, but always strives to do so in new and unique ways, inspired by artists of all decades and genres. Ron has traveled a lot and lived a multicultural life, which taught him to always challenge what he knows and to try to see life through a different lens every day. 

Whether it’s a tough relationship, growing up or struggling with his identity, Ron Briskin tries to find a catchy and unexplored angle to tell a story about it. Although Ron is an inexperienced musician, with the help of a team of talented musicians, he recorded his first set of songs, which he was eager to share with the rest of the world.

The aforementioned team includes producer Doron Plascow, Yotam Ben Horin from “Useless ID”, guitarist Omri Agmon, and drummer Matan Ephrat. Another member of this team is Yalon Schori, the man behind Ron’s music videos.

Ron believes that music is therapy, and it can help anyone work through their struggles even if those can’t be solved entirely. That’s why Ron started writing in the first place, and his hope is that by sharing these stories with the world, his songs will do the same for someone else. 

Ron is 23 years old and is currently based in Israel, living in a small settlement called Shoresh. Since August of 2021 he’s started releasing singles out of an EP he recorded in the spring of 2021, starting with “Ghosts”, and continuing with “Left Behind” and “Moon (Beautiful Skies)”, which has seen significant success on YouTube. Ron has worked hard to produce content around every single song, including high quality music videos, with the latest one being for “Meteor Showers”. It’s a song that captures feelings of anger, hatred, and mistrust towards certain people in our lives. The music video for the song compliments it perfectly and has received praise from local artists, including Israeli musician Gilad Segev. 

Ron’s next release, “Different Lives”, is coming out in Late April, with another to follow in June, and he has plans to start playing at more live shows after mostly sticking to open stages for the past year. Ron believes in growing and improving, and he’s not planning on slowing down any time soon.