Catflea Massacre 🇬🇧

Catflea Massacre Ska & Reggae Show

Catflea Massacre Ska and Reggae Show appeared through the love of the genre of music. Every week brings a playlist from across the long history and many sub-genres. This fast paced show prides itself on highlighting the unsigned bands who self produce; with a (near) weekly three track session from either a new release or a band who just needs an extra push.

The show is divided into two sections, the upbeat ska rhythms comes first covering the earliest offbeat sounds, two tone, third wave and into ska punk. Following closely in the second hour comes the slower, deeper bass tones of reggae.

If it’s got an offbeat, then that’s it’s heartbeat.

Dub Circus is presented by Catflea Massacre and delivers the full range of dub music and electronic soundscapes. There is a history of 60 years spanning the genre and Catflea tries to incorporate it all. From the early pionneers in rudamentory studios based in Jamaica to the modern computer driven futuristic setups of modern day. Each era has a unique style and this show celebrates it all.