Dj Wikked 🇺🇸


David Flores aka DJ Wikked was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in Chicago, his roots as a DJ started from listening to his dads records and DJ’s on the local radio station in Chicago who would start their  House Music mix shows on Friday night through Sunday morning. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album was iconic for DJ Wikked as that was the album that he first touched after knowing that you were not supposed to touch the face of the records as instructed by his dad, he wanted to mimic the scratch sound other DJ’s were making.

In 1989 was when DJ Wikked first started using turntable from a friends studio and as early as 8th grade was when Wikked’s parents gifted him with his first set of turntables and mixer. That same day he asked Raymond Valentin, aka DJ Razor Ray, to be his partner. Two weeks later, he was hired to do his first party with only 25 records. That started the never ending phenomena of collecting music.

Wikked became one of the the youngest traveling dj’s in the inner city clubs and house parties of Chicago making mixtapes and dance routine mixes for local dance crews he worked his way into a local recording studio where he learned how to make commercials for a Hispanic radio station.

In 1996 Wikked joined the US military and continued his DJ journey asking to play at different venues when his Navy Ship would travel throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

DJ Wikked has a Degree in Audio Engineering and owns his own recording studio along with his wife.
Provides mobile Dj entertainment for different events.
Assists in the coordination of scheduling of DJ’s for Smash Online Radio.
Is a member of the Fleet Dj’s: Latino, EDM, and Producer’s Division.