The Beatles: New podcast explores forgotten Irish connections

The Beatles: New podcast explores forgotten Irish connections

The Cavern Club, Penny Lane, Strawberry Field – Liverpool locations which will forever be associated with The Beatles.

But although they hailed from Merseyside, the Fab Four have strong Irish connections which a new podcast argues makes them at least adopted sons of the Emerald Isle.

Give The Beatles Back to the Irish begins on Sunday on Radio Ulster and begins by exploring the deep Irish family roots of the band.

Here are six other lesser-known facts to support the theory that Ireland can claim at least a little of The Beatles’ success.

Oliver Cromwell is responsible for the Beatles
Sounds far-fetched? Maybe, but bear with us here.

The Beatles have deep-rooted Irish family connections.

John’s great-grandfather James was born in County Down and his great-grandmother Elizabeth Gildea was from Omagh in County Tyrone.

Paul’s family was rooted in County Monaghan. His grandfather on his mother’s side was Owen Mohan from Tullynamallow.

Ringo is the most English of the band but there are still family lines traceable to County Mayo.

George’s family was originally from County Wexford and were landowners until stripped of their land by Oliver Cromwell.

The family subsequently emigrated to Liverpool. The rest is musical history…eventually.

Indeed in 1963, John Lennon stated in an interview upon landing at Dublin Airport: “We’re all Irish!”

Back in the RUAS…They played their biggest UK/Irish gig in Belfast